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Faculty and Staff

General School Information: 216-229-8185

Name Title Extension Email Address
Adler, Josh 8th Grade Associate Teacher 2422
Arney, Lisol Leadership Teacher 2402
Billington, Lori 7th Grade Math/Science 2416
Bogard, Jordan 6th Grade Associate Teacher 2414
Boughner, Ashley 6th Grade Humanities 2411
Bissell, Ariel 7th Grade Humanities 2415
Broadnax, Kyle Associate Dean 2407
Brown, Steve 6th Grade Math/Science 2412
Bunjevac, Carolyn 8th Grade Math 2421
Chronister, Ben 7th Grade Humanities 2415
Durr, Erica Counselor 2407
Elrad, Allison Intervention Specialist 2436
Franklin, Ricardo Dean of Students 2408
Gatchalian, Elen 8th Grade Humanities 2430
Gruhin, Sydney Principal 2424
Haffey, Joseph Physical Education Teacher 2423
Howell, Katie 7th Grade Math/Science 2418
Karousis, Davis Director of Operations 2406
Keck, Meghan Director of Curriculum, Humanities 2410
Kriwinsky, Adam 6th Grade Humanities 2410
Marechek, Vivian 6th Grade Math/Science 2413
Missroon, Stephanie Intervention Specialist 2436
Molnar, Marc 6th Grade Humanities 2409
Mozina, Michael 7th Grade Math/Science 2420
O’Hara, Kristen 7th Grade Associate Teacher 2415
O’Hara, Trisha Fine Arts Educator 2401
Pratt, Lisa Administrative Assistant 2403
Revay, Linda Special Education Coordinator 2425
Roble, Maricar 6th Grade Math/Science 2414
Saltzman, Shelly Head of School 2404
Scott, Alicia Food Service Coordinator 2433
Shook, Brandon 8th Grade Science 2428
Singer, Michael Intervention Specialist 2436
Slopnick, Michael Director of Curriculum, Math/Science 2420
Teer, Quinci 8th Grade Math/Science 2422
Thompson, Nathan 8th Grade English 2431
Wells, Austin 8th Grade Social Studies 2429
Williams, Kristen 7th Grade Humanities 2419