Breakthrough Schools Financial Aid Workshop 2015

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For more information for the Breakthrough Schools Financial Aid Workshop 2015 and the required documents, please click the two links below.

Financial Aid Workshop Flyer

Financial Aid Document Notice 


Financial Aid Workshops



Applying to tuition-based schools? Would like to learn more information about the process or help in completing the financial aid forms?  Consider attending one of the financial aid workshops. Sessions will be conducted by trained financial aid professionals.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 6:00p.m.

Citizens Leadership Academy

9711 Lamont Avenue- Cleveland, OH 44106




Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 6:00p.m.

E Prep Cliffs Campus

1417 East 36th Street- Cleveland, OH 44114


Each of these interactive sessions will cover:

  • Types of financial aid available for high school
  • Review the two financial aid applications
    • PSAS (Private School Aid Service) form- required by parochial schools
    • PFS (Parent Financial Statement)- required by independent schools


Bring your required documents and we will help you complete your forms on the spot


For more information or to RSVP please contact Mr. Anshawn M. Ivery at or 216-224-9193


CLA2HS – November 2015 Newsletter

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CLA November 2015 Calendar


October 29th, 2015


Dear CLA Students, Parents, Guardians and Families,

Please read the following updates and reminders regarding open houses, shadow days, entrance exams, and financial aid forms.   IMPORTANT DUE DATES are approaching!

Applications to John Hay Architecture & Design and Early College are now available!

Turn-in completed applications to John Hay Architecture & Design and Early College as soon as you get them completed.   We will send all necessary documents together in one envelope with completed applications.

Attached you will find a calendar for the month of November and some important dates in regards to high schools.

Entrance Exams-

Parochial Schools- Check the dates for the entrance exams for the Parochial (Catholic) Schools, remember each school has its own test and test date so visit the school websites for specific details.  Please ask Mrs. Durr for a copy of the practice test if you do not already have one.

Independent Schools-Students can prepare for the ISEE using the practice test.  Please ask Mrs. Durr for a copy of the practice tests if you do not already have one.  The ISEE is usually tied to scholarship money.  It is better to take the test on one of the earlier dates before dollars have been distributed.  You can visit the school website to register for the test.

Financial Aid: All financial aid forms are now available.  Many schools have financial due dates in November and December.  Financial aid forms must be completed by the due date in order to be considered for Financial Aid.  CLA will be hosting a financial aid workshop November 11th @ 6 pm.  Please see attached flyer for more information.

CLA Website: Please visit for future newsletters, calendars and helpful information about the high school process.

If you have any further questions about the high school placement process, please contact me at or 216-229-8185.



Erica Durr

High School Placement Coordinator

Cc:  Shelly Saltzman, Head of School

Important Notice Regarding Bed Bugs – 10/28

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Dear Parent or Guardian:


We recently found a bed bug in an 8th grade classroom.  Bed bugs are a nuisance, but their bites are not known to spread disease.  Bed bugs are usually active at night and feed on human blood.  The bite does not hurt at first, but it may become swollen and itch, much like a mosquito bite.  Watch for clusters of bites, usually in a line, on exposed areas of the body.  If you have concerns for you or your child, please contact your doctor.


The source of bed bugs often cannot be determined, as bed bugs may be found in many places including hotels, planes, and movie theaters.  Even though it is unlikely for bed bugs to be spread in Schools, Citizens Leadership Academy will conduct an inspection and, if needed, will treat the area where the bed bug was found.


Citizens Leadership Academy will continue to work to identify bed bugs, provide thorough inspections of Schools, and have licensed pest control specialists treat the rooms if a problem is found.


Contact your physician for proper care and treatment of bed bug bites.


If you have any questions regarding bed bugs in your child’s classroom, please contact me.





Davis Karousis

Director of Operations

Citizens Leadership Academy