CLA Anti-Bullying Week

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CLA students and faculty celebrated Anti-Bullying Week several ways through crew and community activities. Eighth graders examined the content and language of our anti-bullying policy. Seventh graders wrote raps and sixth graders created posters and skits. During Friday’s community meeting, Ms. Boughner and Ms. Missroon’s class presented an excellent skit, and LeDon “Leon” Howard presented the following original rap:
We running up on all of these punk bullies
Try to intimidate, we gon eliminate, all of that stuff fully
We will not hesitate, rise up and levitate about the petty put downs
Supporting our crew, we know what to do, bullies are gettin shut down
People who thrive, hurting our lives, I don’t understand what thy thinking’
We will not tolerate any of that in our class, send ‘em to Franklin
Dean’s Office, if you get physical and I forgot to mention
There’s only one way it can end, and that’s a suspension

CLA and the Ebola event in Cleveland

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At CLA, the protection of your child from danger is our utmost priority.  With the recent Ebola alert in Cleveland, we felt it was appropriate to provide this information from Senders Pediatrics in South Euclid.



Box Tops Fundraiser

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Welcome back to school! I’m thrilled to be the Box Tops for Education® Coordinator for Citizen Leadership Academy. Box Tops is such an easy way for parents to get involved in their child’s education. Just by purchasing Box Tops products, clipping the coupons and sending them into school, we earn cash that can be used to buy anything we need. You can find Box Tops on thousands of your favorite products, from Big G® cereals to Avery®office supplies to Hanes® T-shirts to Boise® printer paper.  This year our goal is $400.00 and we plan to use the cash for the end of the year fieldtrip.

To learn more and track our school’s progress, register at ( When you visit, opt to receive the newsletter. That way Box Tops can send you emails full of helpful information and coupons to save on Box Tops products.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me Ms. Pratt at


We are here to make our school’s Box Tops program a huge success