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CLA 2011 Celebration of Learning Video!!!

The 2011 CLA Celebration of Learning is a presentation of our portfolio of learning during our first semester. As an Expeditionary Learning School, Citizens Leadership Academy focuses on long-term projects culminating in high quality products for an authentic audience. Watch our ‘Community Thrive’ by clicking the picture to the left (or on our Welcome Page)!

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CLA Students Create "Lock In" Field Trip — At CLA!

“We have to admit, one of the best days we have ever had at school was our LOCK-IN at CLA! Our day started with classes as usual, but then our school transformed. It wasn’t just a day of learning, we had fun! We turned our classrooms into PS3 game rooms, movie theaters, Xbox challenges on…

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CLA students at the Cleveland Art Museum

On Tuesday November 15th my class went to the Cleveland Art Museum for our social studies class. Instead of sitting down looking at textbooks, we actually went out and learned real facts for ourselves. The most memorable experience I have was seeing the hand crafted amulets from ancient Egypt that were very detailed in every…

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