Dear CLA Families, Friends, and Alumni,

We are so delighted to share the good news that CLA was the #4 school out of 129 K-8 public district and charter schools in Cleveland for Academic Progress.  That means our CLA scholars demonstrated more academic growth than almost any sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in Cleveland.  We were the top Breakthrough School in Value Added as well; this is the third year in a row that we maintained this rank, and the third year we were in the top four in Cleveland.

In addition to a stellar showing in Value Added, .  CLA was also among the top Breakthrough middle school in Performance Index — the ranking for academic achievement.

We continue to work hard to provide our scholars with rigorous curriculum and instruction that is also engaging and meaningful for middle school students.  Excellence in education goes beyond strong state test score rankings, and as you know, that’s why we place an ongoing focus on new and innovative case studies that get our scholars out into the community and bring community experts to our school.

Meanwhile, let’s take the moment to congratulate our scholars, teachers and staff on a job well done in 2017-2018!



Sydney Gruhin