Eighth-Grade Washington, D.C., Trip Requirements


March 22, 2017


Dear Eighth-Grade Students and Families:


We are excited to be taking a trip to our nation’s capital as a culminating CLA fieldwork experience.  The trip will run from Monday, May 21, to Wednesday, May 23.  An packet with the itinerary, packing list, and permission form will be coming home later this month.

We hope to take 100% of the eighth-grade class on this trip as it ties back to all we’ve studied this year.  As you know, out-of-town fieldwork is a privilege, and to participate in this special final trip, we need a group of scholars on whom we can depend and who are in good academic standing.


Here are the Washington, D.C., trip requirements:

  1. From April 3 through May 18, the goal of all students should be to remain DETENTION FREE.  Students with one detention will still be eligible to attend the trip. Students with exactly two detentions will have the ability to apply to waive their detentions to attend the trip. Students with three or more detentions will no longer be eligible.
  2. Because we are hoping to have strong participation and also to continue to emphasize self-advocacy as an important skill, students who have earned two detentions for non-disruptive behaviors (dress code, tardy to class, cell phone, etc.) can apply to go on the trip.  We will introduce the application process at the beginning of May, and applications will be due by Friday, May 11.
  3. Students who earn Saturday detentions or suspensions for actions after spring break will automatically be disqualified.
  4. Students with OVERALL passing grades in all classes will be eligible to attend the trip. All late work must be in by Friday, May 11, for it to count for the trip eligibility.
  5. A list of students who will participate in the trip will be published on May 16, and students who earn more than two detentions or other disciplinary consequences after that point will still be disqualified from attending the trip.
  6. Students must return their permission slips before the trip list is published on May 16 to be eligible to attend.
  7. Students who are not eligible for the trip will have a full, mandatory academic program at CLA.  The goal will be for those with failing grades and/or incomplete work to bring up their grades. Students who are disqualified due to behavior will have enrichment work that will parallel the D.C. experience’s content.



Austin Wells, Eighth-Grade Team Leader

Sydney Gruhin, Principal


p.s.  To see your child’s academic standing, log into the online portal at psbt.nccohio.org/public.  If you are concerned about a particular class or to get insight on what work is missing, please email or phone your child’s crew leader!