8th Grade Washington DC – Updates

Dear CLA 8th Grade Families,

We are so excited to continue the tradition of taking the 8th grade scholars to Washington DC at the end of the school year.  As we have shared previously the academic and behavior qualifiers to ensure our students are successful both in and out of the building. The 8th grade students will go to Washington D.C. They will spend 3 days and 2 nights visiting the museums and the country’s capital. The trip focuses on pulling together the three essential questions as the students put their civic engagement knowledge to use. Please note that all families are responsible for paying a $25.00 non-refundable fee for this trip. The fee for the trip is due by Monday, May 13.

While it is our hope that all students will get to attend the trips, we do need to ensure that they are prepared academically and behaviorally. Both academic and behavior qualifiers began on Monday, March 4 (the first day of the third trimester). Please see both qualifies below:

Academic qualifiers – All students must have passing mastery and habits grades in all of their classes. This means that a student cannot have a F in any class (either mastery or habits). Progress reports will continue to be sent home every 2 weeks, and you can check PowerSchool to ensure your child’s grade are passing. All grades will be finalized and determined as of Monday, May 13.

Behavior qualifiers – Students may not be suspended, break their probation (if they are on probation) or receive more than 2 after school circles for 2 different behaviors. At each circle a contract will be created and if that contract is broken the student will no longer be able to attend the trip.

This trip is chaperoned by school personnel, as we truly believe that the trips are a rite of passage towards independence and self-reliance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Throughout the next few months, we will continue to share updates and will have grade level parent meetings as needed.

Thanks for all that you do!


Sydney Gruhin