Dear CLA Families,

As we enter the hectic and somewhat stressful end-of-the-year time of state testing and school trips, I am reaching out to you to connect and collaborate in a couple of important ways.

First, attendance.  We need every student here every day; it is as simple as that!  We have been incentivizing students and grade level crews to reach 100% attendance, and the seventh grade, in particular, has stepped up to the plate.  Please, please, please send your child to school every day during the important April – May time.

Second, requirements for class trips.  We are hoping close to 100% of our students can participate on their trips.  This means they need to be passing each of their core academic classes and have no more than one after-school restorative circle and no suspensions from after spring break until the trips.  Right now, there are very few students with more than one after-school restorative circles or suspensions which is great, and we want to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, we have a high percentage of students who are failing at least one core academic class, and that we want to change.  Please check Powerschool to see your child’s grades, and work with your child to check Google Classroom to check for work he or she may be missing.  Often, it is missing assignments that drag down one’s grades.  I bet we can improve the percentage of students eligible by 20 percent by the end of the month with your help!

Finally, it is really important for you to know that part of the reason that there have been so few after-school restorative circles is that a lot goes on before we hold these sessions with you, the parents, and your children.  Teachers work on minor issues within the classroom, and deans and administrators work to help students “repair the harm” quickly and easily for minor, petty concerns like cellphone and dress code violations, etc.  It is only when students push back and are disrespectful or defiant or blatantly unsafe that the logical consequence escalates to an after-school restorative circle; it is at this time we need to team with you to guide your children to be safe, responsible, and respectful.  We need to be able to trust that the students we take on fieldwork and class trips are dependable to listen to directions, to be respectful of each other, of their teachers, and of community partners with whom we meet.  

Please share our desire to take a high percentage of students on our end-of-year class trips with your scholar.  We will be promoting this during lunch, community meetings, and crew, and even on the bulletin boards throughout the school. 

Looking forward to a strong end of the school year!


Sydney Gruhin