Dear CLA Families,

With this unexpected blast of artic air, we want to make sure that our students are staying on top of their work. Student-led conference, practice state testing and the end of the second trimester are all coming up! Please review and remind your students of the mastery work that needs to be completed and is due upon return to school.

6th Grade

  • English – Assignment is on Google Classroom. Students will be previewing the Jackie Robinson essay they will be using for the next few days in class and annotating it.  They will also be assigned the following review IXL skill: 6th Grade D.2. Match Causes and Effects in Informational Texts.
  • Math – IXL H-X.4 and H-X.5
  • Science – IXL H-M.3

7th Grade

  • English –
    • Finish chapter 15 and answer the chapter 15 questions.
    • Read chapter 17 and answer the chapter 17 questions.
    • (Yes, we are skipping chapter 16.)
    • IXL Level I, any skill under P
  • Math – Finish Unit 4 Study Guide posted on Google Classroom, and complete IXL I-R.10, 13, 15, 16
  • Science – Finish Terrarium Articles and Questions posted on Google Classroom

8th Grade

  •  English – 
    • Two NewsELA articles (both linked on Google Classroom)
    • Memoir: How To Be Black (on Google Classroom)
    • Night Ch. 3-4 Allusions (on Google Classroom)
    • Any IXL skill with a SmartScore of 85 or higher completed between Tuesday & Friday will be 5 points extra credit mastery, can complete up to 3 skills (based upon their assigned level).
  • Math – Finish Valentine’s Graphing Activity and IXL J-Y.9
  • Science – Plate Tectonics Test Corrections and Erosion and Deposition by Water Reading Comprehension
  • Research and Presentation –
    • Finish Black History Project
    • Use the study guides to begin preparing for Review Day and the Test on Tuesday.

I hope that you stay warm over the next few days and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Mrs. Gruhin